Monday, November 30, 2015

Just before the CMAs a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that newly-divorced Blake Shelton is dating his fellow The Voice judge Gwen Stefani.

This obviously came as a major blow to Shelton’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert, who struggled emotionally to make it through her powerful song “Bathroom Sink” during the awards show.

Last week, we reported that Blake and Gwen were caught showing some serious PDA on The Voice this week. This was understandably difficult for Miranda to witness, as was Gwen’s latest appearance on the Ellen in which she bragged about her new love life.

Earlier today, we revealed that Blake was photographed with his new girlfriend after spending Thanksgiving with her. Now, Miranda has come forward to reveal how she spent her first Thanksgiving without Blake.

According to Daily Mail, Miranda spent Thanksgiving at her parent’s house in Texas. She revealed her plans to do this last Wednesday with a photo on Instagram.


“Nothing beats a handwritten note from Mom. #homesweethome #cheetosandwine,” she captioned the photo.

While we’re glad Miranda spent Thanksgiving with her family, it can’t have been easy for her to spend the holiday away from Blake for the first time. On top of that, it had to also be hard to know that Blake’s new relationship has already progressed to the point where he is spending Thanksgiving with his new girlfriend and her family.

Take your time recovering from this, Miranda, and stay strong! We’re all pulling for you!

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