Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A North Carolina town demanded their residents sign a nonviolence pledge and turn in their unwanted guns last Saturday.

According to The Blaze, the Greensboro Police Department collected all guns that had been both cleaned and unloaded from anyone over 18 years of age at the event. Residence of Greensboro were encouraged to come to the Destiny Christian Center and sign a “Pledge of Nonviolence” before surrendering their handguns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition to the authorities.

“Violence is on the rise somewhat in our community,” Deputy Police Chief James Hinson told WXII-TV. “A lot of that violence is centered around handguns and aggravated assaults. And the ultimate goal is to reduce violence in our community so that our citizens can feel safe when they go out and just continue to improve the overall image of our city.”

The first 1,000 Greensboro residents to sign the pledge received a small gift for doing so, but there was no monetary payment for the firearms. Greensboro residents who could not make it to Saturdays event are still being encouraged to turn in their guns, and they can do so by department’s non-emergency phone number.

It seems strange that Americans are being forced to turn in their guns just one day after the Paris terrorist attacks. With ISIS threatening many cities across the U.S., Americans need their guns now more than ever. Do NOT submit to Obama’s liberal agenda – exercise your Second Amendment right and KEEP your handguns!

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