Thursday, November 12, 2015

The mainstream media is currently obsessed with finding lies in Dr. Ben Carson’s past, but they are completely ignoring the many fibs that Obama has told about his own history.

While there are countless lies Obama has told about his sketchy past, American News has compiled the eight most blatant ones that the liberal media is ignoring:

1) Obama had to correct himself after a story he told about his uncle’s role in WWII failed to line up with history.

2) Obama claimed that the Civil Rights March was his parents’ inspiration for his conception. But he was three years old at the time it took place.

3) Obama claimed that the Kennedys played a crucial role in helping his father, but the details of this exchange are oversimplified.

4) Obama told tails of his grandfather facing British brutality, but those claims remain uncertain.

5) The story Obama told of his step-grandfather losing his life while fighting the Dutch has been proven false. In fact, he died while hanging drapes.

6) Obama significantly exaggerated the story of his mother’s hospital treatment as a cancer patient.

7) Obamas admits that he “blended” his college girlfriends for the purpose of his story.

8) Obama claims that he was abandoned by his father in 1963, when in fact he and his mother left Hawaii first.

If the liberal media is going to accuse conservatives of being liars, maybe they should take a look at their own people first…

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