Monday, November 23, 2015

Sarah Palin is usually reliably conservative. But recent comments by the former Alaska governor have caused a firestorm of livid comments from Republicans around the nation.

During a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt, Palin said that legalizing marijuana is “absolutely no big deal.” The former governor said:

“We’ve got that libertarian streak in us, and I grew up in Alaska when pot was legal anyway. It was absolutely no big deal. I mean, you didn’t smoke it because your parents would strangle you. And if you were a jock and you were, you know, a Christian going to youth group, you just didn’t do it, right? I still believe that.

“I look on the national scene and think, ‘Wow, of all things to be fighting over and battling over.’ Especially when it comes to medical marijuana, I think, ‘Hmm. It’s just not my baby.’”

According to IJ Review, the possession of small amounts of marijuana was previously decriminalized in Alaska. More recently, however, voters in the state fully legalized it.

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