Friday, November 6, 2015

Paul Ryan, the new Speaker of the House, is wasting little time taking action in his new role. He is taking major steps to make sure that Planned Parenthood is de-funded — and that may soon become a reality.

Ryan said, “We are moving on Planned Parenthood on multiple fronts.”

Congress is working on their appropriations bill that must be passed before December.

During a press release, a reporter asked Ryan, “How realistic do you think it is that Planned Parenthood could be defunded in the omnibus, and will you make any kind of commitment that the goverenment won’t shut it down?”

Ryan responded, “I’m not going to pre-determine the outcome of negotiations that have not even taken place yet. I don’t think Planned Parenthood should get one red cent from the taxpayer. That’s been my position for a long time, even before I saw these gruesome vidoes. That’s point number one.”

He continued, “Point number two — we also have a reconciliation process under way, and we have defunded Planned Parenthood through the reconciliation process, which is our best chance and opportunity of actually getting a bill on the president’s desk. So we are moving on Planned Parenthood on multiple fronts — not to mention the fact that we have a select committee, through the Commerce Committee, that is being assembled to look into these issues.”

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