Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Since she first found fame on her family’s reality show Duck Dynasty, 18 year-old Sadie Robertson has been using her notoriety to spread the word of Christ. She used her fame for good once again this past weekend, when she called for prayers for a fan in need.

According to Q Political, Sadie took to Instagram last Friday to call for her fans to pray for a beautiful young bride named Hayley and her husband Harrison. Here’s what Sadie wrote on her page:

This message to all of you is from that beautiful bride named Hayley. Her love for her handsome groom is radiant. Please join me in prayer for Harrison. Can you please repost this pic or a pic of any scripture using the hashtag #prayforHarrison, but don’t just post … PRAY! They need it so badly right now.

Harrison suffered a traumatic brain injury on August 14th of this year. From the beginning, the doctors weren’t hopeful that he would even live. During the first few days post-injury, they told us he wasn’t brain dead but they couldn’t guarantee what the outcome would be. His injuries were extremely severe. But we knew that God could heal him, and we knew God kept him alive for a reason. I trusted what God was telling me, which was to keep holding on, praying and trusting. After being alseep for 2 months, Harrison finally got accepted to the Disorders of Consciousness program at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, but even the doctors there gave us a bleak prognosis. Within the past 4 weeks, Harrison has surprised everyone with his progress. He is now communicating by touching yes/no buttons on an iPad, opens both of his eyes, and has begun functional use of objects. Today brought renewed hope as the doctors told us he would advance to inpatient rehab next week because he is in progress.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.33.35 PM

Thank you, Sadie, for doing everything you can to promote a good Christian message. We’ll keep this couple in our prayers!

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