Sunday, November 1, 2015

Brittany Jackson was a college student who waited tables on the side to pay bills.

She was a photography student, and one day her $800 camera was stolen. She was a photography student, but didn’t have the money to replace the camera.

When she worked her next shift, a friendly face asked her what was new. Jackson broke down and told him everything. When the customer left, Jackson was shocked to see THIS on the bill:


Even though the bill was only $10.73, the customer had left a $500 tip with a note that said, “To help you graduate, good luck.”

Jackson posted a photo of the bill on Facebook and wrote, “When I saw this I instantly started crying. So much weight was lifted off my shoulders and it’s nice to breathe again and not feel like I am suffocating, not to sound too dramatic.”

What a beautiful, random act of kindness!

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