Tuesday, November 24, 2015

If you have t-shirts that have been so well loved that you can no longer wear them, you may want to repurpose them in a creative fashion.

They can be turned into a plush rug! You will need a bounty of t-shirts for this project, but it will be worth it. This would make a fantastic gift for a grandmother. Imagine giving her a rug of t-shirts of her family members!

This will be time consuming, but it’s also something you can do while watching TV.


You will need:

  • 80 t-shirts with similar thickness and texture cut into 1” x 4” strips
  • Various shades of fabric dye
  • 36” x 60” mesh rug canvas
  • Latch hooks
  • Needlenose pliers

Using fabric dye will make everything match, but if you want to showcase the different colors of the t-shirts, you can skip the dye.

When the t-shirt strips are prepared, you can latch hook them into a gorgeous rug!

What is your favorite homemade gift to give? Please share your ideas!

H/T: American Overlook

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