Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Last Friday, the world was stunned when a series of terrorist attacks were launched in Paris, leaving 129 people dead. Now, authorities have managed to figure out what the terrorists were doing before the attacks, and it’s disturbing…

According to Mad World News, the terrorists spent the hours leading up to the attacks in rooms rented at the Appart’City hotel in the south-east Paris suburb of Alfortville. The rooms were booked by Salah Abdeslam, 26, under his own name, and they were used by the terrorists along with a safe house the group had in the city.

When police entered the room at the Appart’City hotel, they found a chilling scene…Video footage shows a coffee table in the rooms piled with used syringes, a set of short needles, and plastic tubing. Forensic experts are now trying to ascertain whether the drug paraphernalia was used to get high before the attacks or to make the explosive belts the terrorists used.


A witness in the hotel who saw the terrorists before the attacks described them as acting “like zombies,” making it more likely that they were high on drugs.


The woman who rented the safe house to the terrorists in the city of Paris described them as “nice, kind, and proper,” making this whole thing even more terrifying. This means that these terrorists are even harder to spot than we ever could have thought.

Abdeslam is currently the most wanted man in the world as authorities have yet to track him down. Hopefully, these hotel rooms will give them clues that will help them find this deadly terrorist…

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