Friday, November 20, 2015

You’ll never see an ad like this in Obama’s PC America…

Canadian Airline WestJet is known for their awesome Christmas stunts, and this year, they did not disappoint!

According to American Overlook, passengers boarding a flight from Toronto to Calgary were first asked to sit down and tell Santa what they want for Christmas via video chat. One little boy asked for a “Choo choo train,” while his parents told Santa they want a big screen TV. Another child asked for a tablet, while a practical grown up requested socks and underwear.

Little did the passengers know that a HUGE surprise would be waiting for them in Calgary…

As the plane took off, WestJet employees rushed to go shopping for the plane passengers. When the plane landed in Calgary, the passengers were shocked to go to baggage claim to find the items they had asked Santa for!

Ah, I miss when we could show Christmas commercials like this in America…God bless you, WestJet!

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