Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When a group of patriotic shoppers at a Texas Walmart saw a thug steal an 84 year-old woman’s purse, they knew they couldn’t let him get away with it.

Cell phone footage shows three men chase the suspect down and fight with him until police arrive on the scene. According to The Blaze, the suspect starts to run away at one point, so a woman fires a gunshot directly above his head.

The men eventually tackled the suspect, at which point the woman who fired the gunshot calmly got into her truck and drove away. She turned herself in to police after the footage went viral, and she was later “released pending further investigation.”

The suspect has been identified as 27 year-old Andre Dawson, and he has been arrested. The purse has been returned to the grateful elderly woman.

It’s safe to say that Dawson learned the hard way to NEVER mess with Texas!

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