Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It’s no secret that the Obamas have no respect for Thanksgiving, but this is just ridiculous…

Twenty families in need in Oregon were set to receive a Thanksgiving basket that included a plump turkey, until the local office of the state’s Department of Human Services (DHS) decided to withdraw their offer because they did not want to be associated with the businesses offering the donations.

According to Mad World News, a marijuana industry trade group known as Women Leaders in Cannabis in Eugene offered 20 fully stocked Thanksgiving baskets to their local DHS as a way to give back to their community. Lindsey Jacobsen, the executive director of the completely legal group, describes her organization as “a nonprofit trade organization based on philanthropy.”

Lindsey went on to say that she met with other industry leaders earlier this month to discuss who they would deliver their donations to.

“We discussed in detail how we would make it happen,” said Lindsey, “and a few days later we got a phone call back stating that they wouldn’t be able to work with us due to too much time being spent on it.”

Suspecting that the DHS had backed out because of her LEGAL marijuana business, Lindsey reached out to the local news to see if they could confirm what she already new. It was then that Gene Evans, a DHS spokesman, confirmed that it was the decision of that one office personally that scrapped the baskets. Here’s what he said in an email to the local news station:

“Their decision not to accept the donations was based on discomfort with the connection of a marijuana organization to DHS human services. … The Eugene office felt that baskets sponsored by this organization could create the impression that we endorsed cannabis.”

It’s sickening that the Obama administration’s paranoia about being associated with marijuana cost twenty poor families a Thanksgiving meal.

“I don’t see how being involved in a positive way could do any harm,” Lindsey said after reading the email. “We’ll keep finding people that want to work with us and I think in the future people will be reaching out to us, hopefully.”

Thankfully, Lindsey’s organization was able to find another group, Autism Rocks, to accept the generous donation. We’re glad this worked out, but shame on Obama for doing everything he could to destroy this act of kindness!

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