Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last month, the world was stunned when Hollywood A-lister Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV- positive. Days later, it was revealed that a sex tape has been leaked that features Sheen performing oral sex on a man.

Last week, we reported that Sheen’s ex-fiance Brett Rossi had filed a lawsuit against the actor for having unprotected sex with her without telling her about his positive HIV status. Now, she has accused Sheen of trying to kill her ex-husband.

According to Daily Mail, Rossi claimed in a recent radio interview that Sheen, “tried to organize a hit on her ex-husband.”

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In the interview, Rossi said it all started when Sheen told her “he wanted to kill my ex-husband,” but she thought it was just “Charlie being upset.” However, then she found texts between Sheen and a friend talking about how to find her ex-husband.

“I didn’t take him serious until a week later I saw the text messages between him and a friend of his, who is also another name I will not pull out yet,” she told the Opie and Jim Norton show on SiriusXM. “I saw the text messages of him essentially trying to coordinate a hit on my ex-husband. They were discussing how they were going to find him and Charlie was stating, ‘can you help me out? I have this problem. I want her ex-husband gone etc. etc.'”

Rossi told the hosts she immediately texted Sheen’s friend saying, “If anything happens to my ex-husband, there is blood on your hands and I know that you had something to do with it.”

Five minutes later, Sheen viciously attacked her.

Sheen’s friend eventually texted her back saying, “If I said anything, if anything got back to him, he would tell the police that I was the one that coordinated it. And that I would rot in jail because he has all the money and the power.”

One week after the exchange, Rossi’s ex-husband sent her an image from his security camera showing a masked man holding a “box of what looked like there was some type of weapon in there.”

Sheen’s jealousy reportedly stemmed from accusations he made against Rossi claiming she slept with her ex-husband, Jonathan Ross. If these claims are proven true, it could put Sheen in jail on murder charges.

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