Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In a shocking new interview, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin revealed how getting dropped by Fox and a devastating cancer scare made 2015 her “toughest year yet.”

After noticing an odd mark on her skin, Palin went to the doctor at her daughter Bristol’s insistence. According to Daily Mail, a biopsy then revealed that she had “something like” a Melanoma. Terrified for her life, Palin underwent surgery immediately.

“Anyway, a surgeon dug it out and everything was okay,” Palin said, adding that the experience left her shaken.

This cancer scare came soon after Fox dropped Palin from her $1million-a-year deal as a contributor, a decision which she says came “sort of out of the blue.” Palin claims she was fired because she, “called somebody out.”

“Next morning I got word, ‘Oh we no longer need you anymore,'” she told CNBC. “Yeah it was a shock.”

Now, however, Palin says there is no hard feelings between herself and Fox, since it was their “prerogative” to not renew her contract.

“I have a great relationship with them,” she said. “It was just kind of a little bit of a shocker of knowing that the haters are going to love this one.”

We’ll be sure to keep Palin and her family in our prayers, and hope 2016 is a better year for her!

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