Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Clint Eastwood is known for his unapologetically conservative views, yet he has remained relatively quiet about the 2016 presidential race: until now.

According to American News, Eastwood said in a recent interview that Donald Trump is exactly the man America needs to make our country great again.

“It’s an unusual thing he’s done so far,” Eastwood said of Trump’s controversial campaign. “I think people are looking for somebody that’s outspoken and who isn’t afraid, and he seems to have a fearless attitude.”

The legendary director went on to also voice his support for Ben Carson.

“I like Ben Carson cause he’s kind of a common sense guy and also doesn’t seem to be afraid, and Rubio, who I’ve met and I like very much, and Ted Cruz,” Eastwood added.

“Any one of them would be better than what we got,” he concluded.

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