Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Joey Feek was able to celebrate and enjoy Christmas with her family. Her husband Rory shared photos on his Facebook page of his wife celebrating Jesus’s birth with those she loves most.

Joey ended cancer treatment in October when she entered hospice. She was hoping to be able to enjoy a final Christmas and it appears this wish was granted.


In a picture Rory posted, Joey is sitting on a couch opening a present. As always, she looks simply beautiful. The IV is the only clue that her health is failing. Wearing a wig and sporting a big smile, it is obvious that Joey was grateful to enjoy Christmas.

In a season where we seem to look for obvious expressions of God’s love for us, these pictures do that for me. This brave Christian woman was able to share what is likely her final celebration of her Savior’s birth with those she loves most.

The family has shared Joey’s journey with cancer with their fans and the rest of the world. And we have witnessed a family strong in faith in the most challenging part of their lives by staying true to their Christian beliefs.

Have you been following Joey’s story? What is the most inspirational part of it for you? 

H/T: Today

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