Thursday, December 3, 2015

Last month, the world was stunned when Hollywood A-lister Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV- positive. Days later, it was revealed that a sex tape has been leaked that features Sheen performing oral sex on a man.

Now, Sheen’s former fiancee Brett Rossi has filed a lawsuit against the actor claiming that he never told her he had been diagnosed with HIV, and that he forced her to have an abortion. According to Daily Mail, Rossi says she had sex with Sheen five times before he finally told her he was HIV-positive. After he told her, Rossi agreed to continue having unprotected sex with him.

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Rossi also claims that when she became pregnant with the couple’s child in March of 2014, Sheen threatened to kill her if she did not get an abortion because he did not want her “to give birth to a retarded child.” It is not known whether Rossi went forward with the abortion, but she never gave birth to a child.

In addition, Rossi claims Sheen got violent with her on multiple occasions, once even throwing a cement pillar at her. She also alleges he put a hit out on her ex-husband, and she is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

A disturbing April 2015 video obtained by Radar Online shows Rossi burning photos of herself with Sheen as she screams at her former fiancee.

“You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half! You made me get rid of a baby,” she yelled. “You offered me a hundred grand after basically being married to you… you piece of sh*t. After everything I f**king did for you and your f**king kids!”

“You choked me out! You threw me on the floor!” she later added. “You dragged me around like a rag doll! You told me what a piece of sh*T I was all the time. F**k you!”


Sheen’s lawyer Martin Singer has expressed confidence that his client will prevail.

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