Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tim Tebow stands strong when he is ridiculed in the press for living his Christian faith. True to his principles and his God, the quarterback doesn’t stray from his beliefs. His girlfriend even left him because he is saving himself for marriage.

But, Tebow has an unlikely ally in someone who doesn’t identify with Tim’s chastity, but respects it. 

Gene Simmons, who has been around the block many times,  spoke up for Tebow on Fox and Friends. He pointed out the hypocrisy of targeting Tebow because of his faith. And he is sick and tired of the left picking on Tebow simply because he is a Christian.

“Here’s a man who believes in God and people pick on him. If he was a Jew, or a Muslim and you did that — people would never dare. But for some reason if he’s a Christian, you’re allowed to pick on him.”

Simmons was born in Israel. His mother survived Auschwitz, but the rest of her family was killed by the Nazis because they were Jews. Clearly, Simmons has a respect for those being targeted for their faith. And he wasn’t about to let Tim Tebow be pelted with words from the left simply for living a Christian life.

Are you surprised that Gene Simmons is on Tim Tebow’s side? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Q Political

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