Thursday, December 31, 2015

When an 11 year-old girl in southern Kazakhstan began complaining of agonizing stomach pains, her parents rushed her to the hospital to find out what was wrong. There, doctors were stunned when they realized what it was…

According to Mad World News, the child had stopped eating and couldn’t even drink anything due to the pain. Doctors did a quick scan on her, and they immediately saw what the problem was: hair.

It turns out that the girl was suffering from Rapunzel Syndrome – a condition “marked by the ingestion of a non-absorbable food or fiber, which then forms an abdominal mass called a bezoar,” according to FOX LA.


The girl’s parents claim they never noticed their daughter chewing on her own hair. Doctors were eventually forced to remove a hairball a full 7 inches in her stomach and another 14 inches that continued into her bowel. The hairball measured a whopping 21 inches in total.

Doctors say the girl should make a full recovery, as long as she stops eating her hair!

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