Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It’s well-known at this point that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has a problem with honesty. At the time of this writing, 57 percent of American voters see Clinton as untrustworthy. What’s more, only 2 percent believe she told the truth about the email scandal.

But things are about to get a lot worse for Clinton…

As this 95-second video hits the masses, her credibility and approval rating continue to plummet.

American Overlook reported:

With irrefutable proof that Clinton lied about sending classified information over her private email server, a whopping majority of 58% think she knowingly lied to America about it.

And now the Washington Times reported that as many as 305 of Clinton’s emails were sent loaded up with classified information.

But now a new ad will finish the destruction she has already caused to the political party and probably put Clinton out of the running for president forever.

The video was produced by America Rising, a conservative PAC. The video truly exposes Clinton for the liar she is.

SHARE this video now to get the TRUTH out and to help save America from a Clinton in the Oval Office!

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