Friday, December 18, 2015

John is homeless man. He lives under the Pontchartrain Expressway in New Orleans. Wanting to have a little cheer during the holidays, he put a Christmas tree next to his blue tent.

But, the Grinch arrived and took the tree. Sanitation workers loaded it in their truck and smashed it right in front of John, claiming it violated code. Apparently, trees aren’t allowed outside in New Orleans.

The people of New Orleans responded by bringing gifts to John. He even got 9 new trees. He has since been giving those trees to other homeless people to spread some hope and Christmas spirit.

This tree wasn’t just for John. As you can imagine, thousands of people drive past there daily. It was for them to see as well.

These good gestures from people in New Orleans have really added a sense of hope to the homeless living there. Knowing people care can be a beautiful gift. John said he was touched that people came by to decorate and encourage him.

Why do you think the city smashed John’s Christmas tree?

H/T: Little Things

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