Saturday, December 26, 2015

On Christmas Eve night, the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana shared an exciting surprise…

Take a look at what was posted on their Facebook page that evening:

Screenshot 2015-12-26 at 11.49.59 PM

Not surprisingly, the image soon went viral.

Soon after, however, the department removed the picture. They issued a statement explaining their decision to delete it:

The decision was made simply to get back to business as far as our department social media is concerned.

The primary goal of our department’s social media is to help close the gap and share important information between our department and citizens in and around LaGrange County.

Though it is flattering to have a post that reached nearly 900,000 people, and undoubtedly put a smile on the faces of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, it is also overwhelming and a job of its own to keep up with the emails, notifications, and phone calls.

Thank you to all of our faithful followers and Happy Holidays!

These officials are filled with Christmas spirit. God bless them,

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