Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In this hilarious video, a lioness gives a male lion the shock of his life when she sneaks up behind him and scares him.

According to Daily Mail, the male lion is named Shungu, and he was relaxing at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe when lioness Shani decided to have some fun with him. Watch as she inches closer and closer to him before taking him by surprise!

Sarah Carter, who filmed the footage, says Shani likes to do this to Shungu often.

“Shani never misses an opportunity for mischief, this is something she does all the time,” she said. “Darling Shungu is a dreamer – he likes to watch birds, butterflies, aeroplanes, sunlight reflecting on the water. This time he was completely transfixed by a little lizard on the fence in front of him.”

“I knew from the first moment how it would play out – irrepressible Shani would see an opportunity to sneak up on the oblivious Shungu and would triumphantly spring up on him,” she added. “I knew we’d then see Shungu’s somewhat embarrassed and irritable reaction, before he suddenly remembers he is a lion and needs to show her who’s the boss.”

Carter went on to say she rescued both lions when they were two years-old, and shooing has been a bit of a scaredy-cat ever since.

“Sadly when lions are bred in captivity, there are often over-crowding and feeding issues with too many lions in small enclosures and the more timid lions don’t get enough to eat and are traumatised by the more dominant animals.

Shani had been attacked by 7 other lionesses in her enclosure, and Shungu was constantly frightened and hiding because he was terrorised by the other lions in his enclosure.

Shani is extremely playful now that she has lots of space and has gained confidence now that she no longer has to compete with so many other lions.

She certainly makes the most of her second chance at a happy life at Twala.

She is always up to something – playing with her toys, trying to engage the more staid and long-suffering Shungu in various shenanigans, ambushing her keepers and generally keeping us all entertained with her high-spirited antics.”

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