Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Michelle Obama and her husband have become infamous for disrespecting members of the military on a regular basis, but this is low even for them.

Michelle Obama has found herself in hot water once again today after she was caught on camera disrespecting a U.S. Marine in a truly shameful way. According to Conservative Tribune, the first lady promoted the new Star Wars movie on Saturday by posting a video of R2-D2 arriving at the White House. Patriots everywhere were stunned to see a U.S. Marine be forced to open the door for the fictional robot as if it were some important person.

The post has since been slammed by Americans all over the country, and rightfully so. That Marine’s job is to protect and serve the first family, not play games with them just because they tell him too. Shame on Michelle for disrespecting this Marine by forcing him to degrade himself on screen like this…

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