Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Most American can’t afford to go anywhere for Christmas, but that isn’t stopping the Obamas from spending millions of our hard-earned tax dollars on their own lavish vacation for the holidays.

On Friday, the Obamas will jet off to Hawaii for their annual multi-million dollar vacation, and Michelle is already bragging about it. According to Huffington Post, Michelle flaunted her family’s wealth this week by boasting that they have travelled to Hawaii for the holidays for the last two decades.

She went on to say that the trip includes a talent show with family and friends which involves poetry, music and dog tricks.

“Because it’s such an important tradition, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world,” the first lady explained when she was asked why she is going to Hawaii yet again.

Michelle bragged about the vacation while she visited a children’s hospital on Monday. In typical Michelle form, she took the opportunity to talk about herself instead of the sick children. Clearly excited to get out of the hospital, Michelle told reporters that she is counting down the days before she can head off to Hawaii.

Frankly, this woman makes me sick. She needs to be evicted from the White House before she spends any more of OUR tax dollars on her own ridiculous life.

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