Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Country music star Miranda Lambert has found herself in hot water this week after posting a photo online that liberals are calling VERY inappropriate.

According to Mad World News, Miranda was given a fur coat by her grandmother for Christmas this year, so she decided to show it off to her Instagram followers with a photo. It didn’t take long for liberals to start attacking her for the “provocative” image…

The charge against Miranda was led by none other than PETA, of course!

“We had higher hopes,” said PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange in a statement. “Since Miranda rescues dogs, we always thought she could see that whether fur comes from a mink, a fox, or a dog or a cat in China, the source is always a gentle animal who did not want to die.”

Liberal fans were also quick to turn on Miranda.

“Miranda I love your music!” one person wrote. “But I HATE the fact that you support such cruel industries such as fur and hunting!”

“I’m really surprised that you would promote such a cruel industry,” another wrote. “I thought you were an animal lover but obviously I was wrong,” another person chimed in.”

In classic liberal form, however, these people attacked Miranda without bothering to investigate whether there was more to the story. It turns out these coats were family heirlooms, and they have Miranda’s grandmother’s name embroidered in them, making them something she will treasure for a lifetime.

Drop your pitchforks, liberals, and let Miranda honor her grandmother in peace!

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