Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A truck driver’s video of his drive in Calais, France highlights the extent of the refugee crisis in Europe. Mobs of men crowd the highway, damaging cars and trucks and blocking paths in this alarming scene.

While President Obama speaks of refugees being women and children, it is difficult to find any females in this large crowd of refugees. The truck driver points this out in the subtitled video. He says the men went to Europe while leaving the women at home to fight ISIS.

The crowds increase as the video progresses. At the 4:50 mark, the truck driver has had enough after one of the refugees bent his mirror. He drives his truck towards people on the curb with the intent of scaring them.

In the video laced with foul language, you can see how the police are completely overwhelmed near a camp the truck driver claims 18,000 refugees are living in.

As Democrats push to receive these refugees with open arms, perhaps they should be shown this video and ask if they want this in their neighborhoods. The people shown in the video have no respect for the law or common courtesy.

What are your thoughts on this video? Will you share it with your Congressman. Let us know what you think.

H/T: Right Wing News

Warning: profane language appears in subtitles. 

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