Thursday, December 10, 2015

Muslims have launched a boycott of the international supermarket chain Aldi after the store accidentally sold them some snacks containing pork.

“This is absolutely outrageous, and I am deeply offended by this!” Muslim shopper Manahil Khan told reporters, calling for a boycott “until they officially apologize to all Muslims!”

According to Top Right News, the blame for this mixup doesn’t even lie with Aldi. Instead, it’s actually the fault of Punjab Pakora, a company that produces Halal snacks they claim are “safe for Muslim consumption,” even though the ingredients list on their packaging reveals they contain things like “pork blood” and “pork skins.”

“The mistake happened when we did the print run, and unfortunately, our manager failed to spot this error and got approval for printing,” a Punjabi Pakora spokesman explained.

The ingredients can clearly be seen in the photos below.


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 4.33.34 PM

Even though it wasn’t their fault at all, Aldi has agreed to refund the $2.30 purchase for any Muslim that bought the snacks. You would think that’d be enough for the Muslims to call off the boycott, but it isn’t…

“It is demoralizing and goes against ones religious morals and scripture,” Manahil Khan said. “And I speak on behalf of every Muslim and human that does not deserve to be misled by any sort of false claim of halal food or lies about what we consume.”

Now, Khan and his Muslim friends are using this mistake to hire “Muslim advisers” to “train them in sensitivity towards the Muslim community.”

Blogger V. Saxena said it best:

To be fair, however, we wish that Muslims would display this same grade of rage whenever one of their radical peers commits a terrorist attack that winds up killing dozens of people.

It just seems like the Muslim community needs to rethink its priorities. What’s worse — accidentally buying food that contains pork, or sitting idly by as people kill, torture and maim in the name of your religion?

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