Friday, December 11, 2015

The American public has soured on President Obama. Confidence in him is pretty much at rock bottom. His ineptness has brought terrorism to the United States, leaving us unsafe on our own soil. But, he doesn’t seem to notice as he continues to live a rock star quality life on our dime, jetting off on vacations funded by hardworking Americans.

His priority isn’t keeping us safe, rather it’s promoting his personal social agenda. And his answer to People Magazine’s question about what his favorite moment of 2015 was, reflects his priorities.

“The gathering outside the White House following the Supreme Court ruling upholding the right of same sex couples to marry,” he says.


Yes, that’s right. His favorite moment in 2015 was sitting in the White House lit up in rainbow colors. Now, remember how ridiculous this was at the time. Even some supporters of gay marriage felt it was beneath the Administration to light the White House up like that. The White House had never been on a light display to promote an agenda before. The President didn’t bother to light up the White House in red, white and blue following the Paris attacks or after the terrorist attack on San Bernardino.

While 2016 hasn’t even begun yet, I can already tell you what my favorite moment will be. It will be electing a new Republican President. What are you looking forward to in 2016? 

H/T: Young Cons

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