Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Obama’s White House showed what little class they REALLY have yesterday when they launched into a tirade of personal attacks on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump following his proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

According to Daily Mail, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest described Trump’s words as “offensive bluster” and slammed him for having “fake hair.” When he was asked to defend this petty attack on Trump, Earnest replied that, “he’s got a rather outrageous appearance.”

Making matters even worse, Earnest was reading from a prepared statement that he had clearly worked on with Obama.

“Let me just step back and say that the Trump campaign for months now has had a dustbin-of-history-like quality to it,” he said. “From the vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies, to even the fake hair, the whole carnival barker routine that we’ve seen for some time now.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.07.02 AM

Earnest went on to say that Trump’s “offensive” rhetoric “disqualifies him from serving as president.”

He also said it disqualifies any Republican who dares to support Trump. Wow, you tell us, Josh!

Clearly, the White House is in panic mode that six months into Trump’s campaign he is STILL the GOP frontrunner. Obama knows that as soon as Trump makes it into the White House he will destroy EVERYTHING that he has done during his presidency, which is exactly the move our country needs!

What do you think about the White House’s comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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