Thursday, December 31, 2015

A 200-pound woman thought she found in easy target in Victor Bejarano when she approached him in a parking lot and demanded his wallet. This brute of a woman picked on a Vietnam Veteran and he fought back.

‘In the beginning she told me, “You wouldn’t hit a woman,” and I said, “You’re not a woman. I mean, you’re attacking me,’’ Bejarano told ABC 30 Action News.

The struggle continued into the store, where nobody helped the senior citizen, and out the back door before someone came out and announced that Fresno police had been called.

The military veteran tells Action News he didn’t even have any money, just a debit card. But he actually lost his wallet about six months ago and just recently finished the frustrating process of getting everything replaced.

The female thug then headed to her car and quickly escaped empty handed.

The woman is still at large.

How would you react if you witnessed this? Would you have intervened? 

H/T: American Overlook


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