Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t concerned with being politically correct. The Arizona lawman stands strong in opposition to President Obama on many issues, one of which is gun control.

Sheriff Joe is not one to sit by idly. He’s taking action to deter terrorists and crazed mass shooters from trying to harm his constituents. He is protecting shoppers by sending out a posse of 3,000 volunteers to protect them at malls in Maricopa County during the busy holiday season.

This year’s posse program was kicked off at a press conference at Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix where he had strong words for President Obama’s attempt at gun grabbing. “Citizens should take action, those carrying guns,” Sheriff Joe said. “So when you’re saying law enforcement wants to take the guns away. I know the president and other people want to take the guns away, but not in this state.”

He started this program in 1992, but it seems as important as ever given the concerns about terrorists targeting us right here on American soil. Arpaio is also encouraging people to exercise their Second Amendment rights and to carry their guns. “The volunteer posse can’t do it alone, so with nearly 250,000 Arizonians carrying concealed weapons, terrorists with evil intent entering large gatherings, including shopping malls, should be worried about armed citizens who will be ready to defend themselves and others,” Arpaio added.

How often do you carry your gun while you are out shopping? Please share your thoughts. 

H/T: Breitbart 

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