Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kindness is something that is appreciated by so many. Even a simple smile from a stranger can go a long way when you are having a bad day.

At the University of Kentucky, a kind person always greets students, asks about their day, and encourages them. It’s simple gestures like this that make an impact.

Mrs. Tammy’s has been working in food services on campus for 15 years. Her job at Starbucks gives her the opportunity to speak with a significant amount of students. And they clearly are touched by her caring nature.

Student Alison Brown decided to do something nice for Mrs. Tammy to show that she is also appreciated. Alison set up a Go Fund Me page that has raised over $6000 from students to give the kin- natured Mrs. Tammy a generous Christmas gift.

Mrs. Tammy was also featured on the Humans of UK Facebook page saying, “It never hurts to talk to anybody. I talk to each and everybody every day, that’s my lesson.”

That’s a substantial amount of money to raise during the holidays from typically cash-strapped students. And it’s a very nice way to show appreciation for someone who shows concern for them.

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H/T: Little Things

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