Friday, December 18, 2015

The liberal nitwits on the struggling ABC talk show The View recently got into a heated debate over whether or not Donald Trump is a bigot, and things quickly got very interesting.

Co-host Paula Faris rushed to Trump’s defense, pointing out that his hiring practices and actions prove that he is not the bigot the liberal media has made him out to be.

“From those that I have spoken with that have worked for Donald Trump and that have known him for a long time, they say — his hiring practices and who he is, he’s not a bigot. This is a man who has had more female executives that he has hired than just about everybody else. He’s very diverse, He’s not a bigot,” she said, according to Right Wing News.

Faris’ liberal cohosts, however, weren’t having any of it.

“The face that he’s putting out there and why people are voting for him is because he’s a bigot,” ignorant “comedian” Michelle Collins argued.

“When you say Mexicans are murders and rapists, that makes you a bigot,” loudmouth Whoopi Goldberg shouted.

In typical The View form, the loudmouth liberals refused to listen to reason and instead shouted down their conservative cohost. Perhaps THIS kind of behavior is why this show is on it’s last legs!

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