Monday, December 7, 2015

Taxpayers at a Pennsylvania grocery store witnessed a group of freeloaders using food stamps to buy groceries, but it’s what they did next that has everyone talking…

According to American Overlook, the freeloaders then turned around and used a big wad of cash to by lottery tickets. When a patriotic taxpayer saw them do this, he knew he had to do something…

“I noticed you bought your groceries with a welfare card but then you used cash to buy lottery tickets,” he said to the group in the store parking lot.

“What the f— is he saying?” one of the welfare queens exclaims as her friends get agitated with the man.

“You used an access card to buy your groceries, but then you bought scratch-off tickets with cash,” the man continues. “You think that’s right?”

“Mind your own f—— business,” the woman replies.

That’s when the patriot gets out of his car to confront her.

“It is my business, because I work for a living and I pay taxes,” the man says.

“Go f— yourself,” the woman responds.

“Wow. Pregnant, smoking and pajama pants?” the man replies. “You’re like a f—— triple f— up.”

Then the proud taxpayer rifles through the group’s groceries and pulls out a steak.

“You know what?” he says. “Steak is for f—— taxpayers.”

Watch the full video below. Do you think this man did the right thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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