Friday, December 18, 2015

This story serves as a lesson to us all to take a good long, hard look at something before we throw it away.

When she found out her parents were about to throw out their old television set, this crafty woman instead decided to turn it into an adorable hangout spot for her dog.

According to American Overlook, here’s what she did:

After the crafty woman who took these photos learned that her parents were tossing their vintage TV set, she hauled it over to her garage – a safe place to get crafty with it.

She put a piece of cardboard under the TV set to prevent any scratches. Then she started unscrewing the back panel to remove the guts inside. She used a power drill to make it easy on her wrist and joints.

Gutting the television set took the most time. There certainly was a lot of parts and metal pieces in there.

When she took out all the guts, she replaced the back and screwed it back on. Then she took out the glass front and transformed it into…

The perfect doggy bed!

Here are some photos of the transformation:






I’d love to try this DIY project myself!

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