Wednesday, December 2, 2015

If you know anything about the Clintons, you know that the people close to them have a tendency to die mysteriously. Now, just as Hillary’s presidential campaign is heating up, yet another former Clinton advisor has turned up dead.

According to Daily Mail, former national security adviser Sandy Berger has been found dead at the age of 70. Berger served as the White House National Security advisor from 1997-2001, and during that time he helped Bill Clinton craft his foreign policies during his second term. Later, however, Berger got in trouble for mishandling classified documents.


Berger’s legacy was tarnished back in 2005, when he plead guilty to stealing classified documents from the National Archives by stuffing them into his socks and the waistband of his pants. The documents pertained to Al Qaeda attacks on America during the Clinton presidency, and Berger was sentenced to probation and forced to pay a $50,000 fine.

Perhaps the Clintons did not want Berger’s past to come back to haunt them, and thought it best to have him taken out before Hillary enters the White House. Though reports are saying that Berger died of cancer, his specific illness has not yet been revealed. It wouldn’t be the first time that a close Clinton advisor has died due to suspicious medical circumstances.

Since the Clintons rose to power, 46 people close to them have lost their lives under mysterious circumstances. In the coming days, it will be very important to take a closer look at Berger’s death to ensure that the Clintons were not behind it. Perhaps he really did die of cancer, but if he didn’t, we can NOT let the Clintons get away with another murder!

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