Friday, December 18, 2015

Children have grand dreams about Christmas and when you get to see the holiday again through their eyes, it reawakens the magic you felt as a kid. But not all children experience the same thing on this holiday. Many parents are struggling to make ends meet, let alone able put presents under the tree.

That’s why this social experiment is so incredibly special. Several children from low income homes are interviewed separately about what they’d love most for Christmas this year. And minutes later, they are ecstatic to find their most wanted gift is being given to them. But what they were also asked was what their parents would most love this year. So when asked the question “what gift do you pick”, every child chooses their parent’s. Watch the amazing moment below.

This video is truly the embodiment of the meaning of Christmas. Every child chooses family over self. It is comforting to see that selfless love is still fully intact in these children.

Share this beautiful video with family and friends to remind everyone what is really important this Christmas.

H/T: Sunny Skyz

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