Monday, December 14, 2015

A disturbing new video shot last Thursday shows a woman standing at a Florida DMV counter as she belligerently argues with the employees. Finally, DMV workers have had enough of her, so they call a state trooper to escort her from the building. However, that’s when things get messy…

According to The Blaze, the trooper ordered 31 year-old Eleanore Stern to leave the Deerfield Beach DMV, but she refused. When the officer put his hands on her shoulders to escort her out, Stern began screaming and kicking him. At this point, the trooper took her down to the ground, but Stern wasn’t done fighting yet.


“You can’t even fight!” she screamed as she continued attacking the officer from the floor.

“These are the people that can protect you, even though I kicked his ass!” she continued, as she tried to crawl away.

Finally, Stern was handcuffed by the trooper, but she continued shouting.

“Are you out of your mind?” she yelled as she was cuffed, causing witnesses to burst out laughing.


Stern, a Boca Raton resident, was arrested and charged with one count of resisting arrest without violence. She is currently out on bond.

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