Thursday, December 3, 2015

Having young kids can be a lot of fun. It also can be a colossal mess at times, especially when your budding artist is creating new masterpieces.

But, the ladies at What’s Up Moms have some brilliantly simple ideas that will make you ask yourself why you didn’t think of that.

You may cringe when you give your young child a bottle of glue, knowing that much of it will end up off the paper and who knows where else. But, this video comes up with a simple idea to contain the mess.

Pour some glue on a sponge and put it in a container. The mess is contained. Your kids can either rub their cutouts on the sponge or use their fingers to get a small amount. When they are done, you just put the top on the container, saving it for later.

This causes less of a mess and prevents the kids from using too much glue!

Is this something you will try? Please let us know.

H/T: American Overlook

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