Friday, December 18, 2015

A Reddit user who goes by the screen name Evilenglish was cleaning out his grandparents’ house recently when he came upon a life-changing discovery. According to American Overlook, he was going through a closet when he found a trapdoor underneath an old rug.

Nobody had been inside the home since 1997, when Evilenglish’s grandparents died and left him their home. When he finally opened the hatch, he couldn’t believe what he found!


Inside the hatch, he found a locked safe. After trying to open it for hours, he called in a professional to help him out.



After an hour, the locksmith finally got the safe open. Inside were a bunch of rotten, soaked blue papers that didn’t survive a pipe leak a few years ago.

Besides that, however, there were several silver bars, coins and an old, antique toolbox containing a wide variety of jewelry and bills that could end up being quite valuable.



Evilenglish claims that all the coins date from 1964 or earlier, and that they are made of 90% silver. This makes them worth far more than their face value.


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