Monday, December 28, 2015

After watching her son Paul’s infected knee get worse and worse for weeks on end, Rachel Franklin knew she had to do something.

Doctors had told her to leave the knee alone and let the swelling go down, but the problem seemed to only be getting worse. According to American Overlook, Rachel decided to pop the infection to release some pus and hopefully alleviate some of her son’s pain, but she was in for a nasty surprise…

When she popped the knee, a small gray object that resembled a rock came out. When she looked closer, Rachel realized it wasn’t actually a rock at all: it was a sea snail.

“I think I might have even just laughed out loud,” she later recalled. “I said, ‘Paul, this is a snail! It’s a freaking snail!’”

The snail had been growing inside of Paul’s knee for weeks, causing his body to completely reject it. Apparently, the type of snail in question can live in extremely harsh conditions, and the human body mimics these conditions that allow the snail to thrive. The only question left is how Paul ended up with this snail inside him…

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