Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When Shopper’s World CEO Sam Dushey agreed to be on Undercover Boss, he probably didn’t expect to witness his store being robbed, but that’s what happened.

Dushey went undercover as a surfer who was participating in a reality show. At his Cleveland store, he was appalled to realize that his staff weren’t equipped with the proper tools to do their job. But, the real shocker came when the sirens started going off after someone walked out without paying for merchandise and the employees let the thief go.

This episode emphasized how out of touch Dushey was with how things work on the showroom floors of his stores. Dushey asked how security could allow such a theft and was alarmed to find that regular employees are responsible for security. His employees not only lacked the proper equipment for their jobs but there wasn’t a known protocol for theft. As you can see in the video below, this left him stunned.

Dushey realized that the fast growth of the chain started by his grandfather had come at a cost. The values and ethics that existed when there were just a few stores are gone. The owner and executives are faceless people to low level employees who aren’t even receiving proper training due to the quick growth of the company.

Dushey is looking to improve company communication and pride of the employees. He gave each Cleveland employee a $5,000 check and is spending half a million dollars to increase security.

If you were in a store when it was being robbed, how would you react? Please let us know.

H/T: Newsbusters

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