Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams, who is often described by the media as Ben Carson’s  “business manager and confident,” released a brutal Facebook rant on Friday slamming a group of former Carson staffers for becoming close to Donald Trump. In his obvious anger, however, Williams may have revealed more about the state of the Carson campaign than he ever intended…

According to Conservative Tribune, Williams ended his rant with what appeared to be an afterthought:

“But just to make it extra clear: neither Bennett nor Watts has any influence whatsoever over who Dr. Carson may ultimately endorse in the primary should the occasion arise.”

If Carson’s closest advisor is already talking about who he will endorse public, it has to mean the end of the campaign is near. Carson’s campaign numbers have been plummeting recently, so this wouldn’t come as surprising news to anyone who has been following the race.

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