Tuesday, January 19, 2016

From the outside, it looks like GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz has the perfect family. However, a bombshell new police report has revealed that this may not be the case, and now his entire campaign is in jeopardy.

A 2005 police report has surfaced that reveals an officer found Heidi Cruz sitting on the side of a Texas expressway one night, and the officer declared he believed her to be a “danger to herself.”


According to Daily Mail, Heidi had walked home from a dinner on August 22 of that year, and she was found by the officer sitting beside N. Mopac and Enfield in Austin, at around 10pm. Though Heidi, now 43, has never spoken publicly of the incident, an advisor for her husband said she had suffered a “a brief bout of depression” ten years ago when he was asked to comment on the report.

A concerned passerby had called the police that night after noticing a woman in a pink shirt “sitting in the area with her head in her hands.”

The police report, which was published heavily redacted, stated that Heidi, “related to me that she had been particularly [BLANK], for the past three weeks, and was currently [BLANK].” It went on to say that Heidi told the officer that she was not on any medication and had not been drinking, except for “a couple of sips” of a margarita at dinner.


“I believed she was a danger to herself,” Officer Joel Davidson wrote in the report.

Ted Cruz was quick to release a statement about this period in his family’s life.

“About a decade ago, when Mrs. Cruz returned from D.C. to Texas and faced a significant professional transition, she experienced a brief bout of depression,” said Jason Miller, an adviser to the senator in the statement. “Like millions of Americans, she came through that struggle with prayer, Christian counseling, and the love and support of her husband and family.”

Heidi, a successful lawyer who once served under Condoleeza Rice in the National Security Council, has said she does not want to talk about her recovery as she does not want to brag about her happy ending, according to a source.


Cruz and his wife have been married since 2001, after they met while campaigning for George W. Bush. They have two young daughters together.

Liberal will likely use this to try to make the Cruz family look “unstable,” but we think this actually just makes them look more human!

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