Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been dodging jail time like it’s her job over the last few months, but it looks like her luck has finally run out.

According to Daily Mail, a Republican former U.S. attorney has revealed that he believes Hillary will be facing an indictment about her email scandal imminently, possibly before the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary in February.

Joe DiGenova, a former federal prosecutor who was appointed by Ronald Reagan, told Laura Ingraham yesterday that the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Hillary appears to have reached “a critical mass.”

“They have reached a critical mass in their investigation of the secretary and all of her senior staff,” DiGenova told Ingraham. “And, it’s going to come to a head, I would suggest, in the next 60 days.”

“It’s going to be a very complex matter for the Department of Justice, but they’re not going to be able to walk away from it,” DiGenova continued. “They are now at over 1,200 classified emails. And, that’s just for the ones we know about from the State Department. That does not include the ones that the FBI is, in fact, recovering from her hard drives.”

Though Obama will do anything possible to protect Hillary and ensure she isn’t charged, DiGenova says that the evidence will be so stacked against her that the FBI will have no choice but to arrest her.

“I believe that the evidence that the FBI is compiling will be so compelling that, unless [Lynch] agrees to the charges, there will be a massive revolt inside the FBI, which she will not be able to survive as an attorney general. It will be like Watergate. It will be unbelievable,” he said. “The evidence against the Clinton staff and the secretary is so overwhelming at this point that if, in fact, she chooses not to charge Hillary, they will never be able to charge another federal employee with the negligent handling of classified information.”

“The intelligence community will not stand for that,” he concluded. “They will fight for indictment and they are already in the process of gearing themselves to basically revolt if she refuses to bring charges.”

We can only hope that DiGenova is right. SHARE if you think Hillary Clinton should be in jail!

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