Thursday, January 21, 2016

Earlier this month, Obama announced an executive action that was aimed at destroying the Second Amendment. Now, disturbing new reports have revealed that the president is preparing yet another executive order, and this time he’s coming for the first amendment.

The New York Times reported that Obama is drawing up a new executive action designed to execute an end-run around Congress: a requirement for companies that do business of any kind with the government to disclose their “contributions to groups that spend money to influence campaigns.”

Though the action would not prohibit these corporations from getting government business, it suggests that donating to the “wrong” party might cause the corporations to LOSE government business.

According to Conservative Tribune, this executive action would once again put the Obama administration in the position of using unilateral action to bypass both Congress and the Constitution, given the recent Supreme Court rulings in which the campaign spending of for-profit organizations was dubbed as protected by the First Amendment.

“While we will continue to examine additional steps we can take to reduce the corrosive influence of money in politics, only Congress can put an end to it,” said Brandi Hoffine, an Obama spokeswoman, said of the possible executive action.

Business groups, however, have slammed the executive action, saying it would be used to intimidate corporations into abandoning their freedom of speech instead of reducing the influence of money in politics.

“The real goal of the disclosure proponents is to harass, intimidate and silence those with whom they disagree,” Blair Latoff Holmes, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told reporters. “We continue to believe that one’s political activities should play no role in whether or not you get or keep a federal contract, and we encourage the administration to leave this bad idea right where it is.”

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