Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Earlier today, we reported that the militiamen who have taken over a federal building in Oregon are preparing for an imminent FBI raid on their compound. Now, it has been revealed that the FBI is planning to arrest the militia men on federal charges when this standoff is over.

Sheriff David Ward told Oregon Public Broadcasting that the FBI “is handling a criminal case against the armed men occupying the refuge since Saturday, and has told Ward that the men will face charges. The sheriff still believes a peaceful resolution to the conflict is possible. They have an opportunity right now to work towards a better solution, and not face further charges.”

According to Occupy Democrats, the Sheriff went on to say that a peaceful resolution is still possible, and that the militiamen can escape charges if they give up now. In addition, Ward demanded that both the media and all Americans stop supporting the militiamen.

“If you’re giving them support, you’re just prolonging the situation. Further attention is what these folks are seeking,” he added. “I think the more attention we give to them, the more rhetoric we’re going to hear, or the longer this might draw out.”

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