Monday, January 11, 2016

This past weekend, Donald Trump’s campaign offices in Massachusetts were vandalized with vulgar Nazi references.

According to The Political Insider, the vandalism took place overnight on Friday, and was reported to the Littleton Police Department at 9am on Saturday morning.

“You certainly have the right if you don’t like a candidate to tell them you don’t like them and protest against them. But you certainly don’t have the right to do a criminal act,” said Police Chief Matthew King.

King went on to say that multiple vulgar, sexual words were sprayed on the building, with some calling Trump a “pig” and others comparing him to Nazis.


“It was pretty vulgar,” said Chief King.

Police are still investigating and are looking at surveillance tapes from the area. They say the believe the vandal was someone who is on the younger side.

Trump’s campaign manager told the press that it was upsetting that someone would do something like this. The Donald’s supporters spent the rest of Saturday trying to clean the building, which only opened the campaign office one or two weeks ago.

Of course, liberals are applauding whoever did this and hoping that they will get away. If this were to happen to Hillary Clinton, this story would be all over the mainstream media. However, since Donald Trump was victimized, you likely won’t be hearing anything about this from mainstream media sources.

Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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