Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Michelle Obama’s proudest accomplishment as first lady has been her infamous school lunch plan, which has left millions of children all over the country completely disgusted. However, this week, congress gave Michelle a rude wakeup call when they introduced legislation that could ban her lunch plan forever.

According to Daily Caller, a bipartisan legislation released on Monday by the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee could make major changes to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act over the next five years. The bill includes provisions that ease stringent rules requiring school districts to purchase whole grains and delay limits on sodium.

Michelle Obama’s law forces public schools to use whole grains 80% of the time if they take federal school lunch money. The unfortunate result is that children detest the food that is served at their schools.

“In the absence of increased funding, this agreement eases operational challenges and provides school meal programs critical flexibility to help them plan healthy school meals that appeal to students,” School Nutrition Association president Jean Ronnei said, according to the Associated Press.

Michelle has come under fire for forcing public schools to comply with her laws, and then sending her own daughters to private schools that aren’t forced to follow these disgusting regulations.

If her school lunch plan is repealed, Michelle would have effectively accomplished nothing as first lady. We can’t wait to see her get publicly humiliated by congress when this goes through!

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